If I select "shuffle" and "repeat" in Windows Media Player, will it play all the songs on my playlist once and then start over again? Does this. When Windows Media Player reaches the end of a video, it provides an option to manually replay the video, but it doesn't do so automatically. However. Under the Play menu, you can choose Repeat and it will play the particular video on loop. If you have a series of videos, create a playlist and then all those.

Create a playlist with a single song and repeat that. or Use another media player. On: Windows Media Player - Sun Jun 14 - edt. You can use Windows Media Player to create a playlist in Windows Vista. Playlist is simply a tool that tells Windows Media Player which are your favorite songs. You can use Media Player to play the sample music included with Windows 7. Click the Loop button to turn on repeat, which continuously plays all the tracks.

CTRL+T to do it manually. If you want to keep repeating the playlist, click the little semi circle button next to the stop button on your Windows. I'm having a windows media player issue. So, I have auto repeat on so I don't have to click play every time the play list finishes, and i have. VLC is a rich media player with extensive media playing features and allow If you want to loop multiple video files add them to the playlist.