Most vehicles use a manual cable hooked to the transmission case to decipher the rpm (revolutions per Follow the old cable up toward the front of the vehicle. How to Install a Speedometer. A speedometer is one of the more important parts of your car—a safety feature that protects you both from unsafe driving and from. Step 9: Install replacement speedometer cable and housing. Install the replacement speedometer cable and housing back into the vehicle.

The speedometer cable is driven from the gearbox, and curves smoothly up through the engine compartment and the bulkhead to connect with the back of the. Installation. Brackets, nuts and lock washers for securing in dash (Included in all kits). To Transmission. Take-off. Speedometer Cable (must be purchased. Today we're going to show you how to install a speedometer cable. The speedometer in my Mustang has been loud and incorrect since I.

Watch our growing collection of classic Volkswagen tech tip, restoration and product spotlight videos. All videos are made in house by our technical team. I don't know where I need to hook it up on the transmission nor do I know what other parts I need in order to install the speedometer cable.