Paid features. Basic accounts on OkCupid are entirely free, forever. With a basic account, you can see all of your potential matches, send and receive likes (we'll. If someone likes your profile and you like theirs, you'll both be notified. OkCupid has recently been adding new app features designed to prod. There were 99+ people who liked me. you didn't like or pass but OKcupid stopped giving them a boost or you've lowered your standards and you'd Knowing OKCupid, they'll remove this feature from A-List soon anyway.

OkCupid has removed the feature of who's viewed your profile, now If you've also liked that person, you'll both be able to see that you've. Why? Because they have to monetize their excellent free site somehow. If not through this, then some other feature, or selling your data to third-parties behind. That's why we're always working to release innovative features (like our If you' ve also liked that person, you'll both be able to see that you've.

You've probably seen a new button on profiles: the pass button. someone who already likes you — they're over 3x more likely to respond (and our creatively named profile commenting feature makes it easy to do just that. At OkCupid, we're dedicated to helping our members connect on a deeper level — whether they're looking for someone new to hang out with. You see, we've got a lot of love for people who make the first move, so if someone you message hasn't liked you yet, we'll promote you to them. For the tests and profiles you are asked questions about your likes, dislikes, If you find the features in OkCupid's mobile app lacking, check out our Social.