Thus, whenever, a Fischer projection is converted to Newman or Sawhorse projection, it results in an eclipsed form of the molecule which is then converted to. Well, first let's construct a regular molecule, and then proceed to its sawhorse projection, and from there draw out its Fischer projection. A sawhorse projection is similar to a Newman projection, but it shows the carbon- carbon bond that is hidden in a Newman projection.

Changing Sawhorse Projections into Fischer Projections. Finally, the steps on Step 4: Place the groups onto a Fischer Projection template, shown below. Test your Fischer Projections skills with this short quiz including questions on Chirality and stereochemistry, conversion of Fischer to Newman, Sawhorse and 5 /6 membered sugar rings. Fischer Projection Quiz Question #4. Sawhorse to Fischer Projections orgo tutorial video Let's prove it real quick, one, two, three, hydrogen four is in the back, that gives us R, . where we look at how to convert from Newman Projection to Fischer Projection and.