The place for your bird identification needs. Have you found a baby bird? Please read this before posting . Anyone know what kind of bird this is? It's been on. Welcome to r/ornithology, a subreddit dedicated the scientific study of birds. This is a place to discuss birds in a scientific context — their biology. Welcome to /r/Memes. definition of a meme / memetics. a way of describing cultural information being shared. an element of a culture or system.

A kind user reached out and messaged me directly, saying that I should try I found my bird pal in the middle of the pavement, just lying on his. It is like bird watching, only on Reddit. Submit some pictures of birds!:>. SOME RULES. 1.) Users must have at least 5 comment karma to. ( submitted 21 hours ago by JennSpitesBird Watcher Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is on the right side of the bird feeder? (

Birds of Prey: Falcons, Hawks, Accipiters, Eagles and Owls. All about: Falconry; Training; Health; Biology; Legality. Resources for prospective. Asking what kind of thing is this when it's obviously not that kind of thing at I can 't answer this question because the bird is surrounded by cat. birding. birdwatching. twitching. listing. whatever you want to call it, if you are looking at or listening to birds you should be frequenting /r/birding. Do you have a question that mainstream science refuses to answer? Are your theories and experiments so bizarre that sensible people tell you.