What do you love to photograph? My specialty is underwater fashion photography and commercial photography. I love underwater world and I. By Aaron Wong. There is something mesmerizing about the way models and fabric move underwater that makes it a dream to photograph. I have done so for. Have you noticed the latest underwater photo shoot craze? Everyone from fashion lines to brides and grooms are trying it, and the results are.

My brain is officially underwater. Photographically, that is. I see everything in terms of underwater. A friend shows me the gorgeous wedding. Lighting a subject is the biggest challenge in fashion shoots. Adapting powerful strobes from shooting underwater wildlife to portraits of people can be difficult. Clothing (or lack thereof) is an integral part of a successful underwater shoot. It depends entirely on your aim or idea but generally try to use clothes that are.

Underwater shooting is basically always tough, at the very minimum you'll need an expensive underwater housing which will likely only fit a. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to shoot underwater in L.A. recently. It was a very wonderful learning experience and so I wanted to. Jun 21, Stunning underwater fashion photography by leading photographers around the world. Beautiful models, amazing colors and creative poses.