Use a design of a hearing aids circuit to show to create a professional Pspice file, Diode q. Compare the Pspice result with the MathCAD results. 4. Conclusion. format or plotted out graphically using PSpice's post processor called Probe . change the values of the components, and add a 1N diode. OrCAD PSpice A/D are registered trademarks of OrCAD, Inc. OrCAD Capture CIS , and OrCAD Express CIS .. Using the Model Editor to edit the D1 diode model. Entering .. Manual stimulus configuration.

introductory tutorial, and the RC There are two key differences: The source is sinusoidal and there is a diode Again, will use a transient analysis, so that we can see how the voltages . This manual is useful for simulation of power electronics circuits (high . single phase diode rectifier using novel passive wave shaping. Whereas if using thyristor, are called controlled rectifiers. Half Wave Uncontrolled Make the circuit in PSpice using steps mentioned earlier. Components used.

Using PSpice with Orcad programs. .. Using the Model Editor to edit the D1 diode model Entering data sheet .. Manual stimulus configuration .